Hello! I'm Erika.

I'm a UX designer with a strong passion for
building games and prototypes with code.

Right now, it's in Pittsburgh.

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McKinsey Internship
Web Mobile
CMU CS Academy
Web Mobile

Hello! I'm Erika.

I'm a User Experience Designer based in Pittsburgh. I'm pursuing my masters in Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University.

Before pursuing my masters in CMU, I graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration and Masters in Communication Design from Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea.


I worked as an Experience Design Intern at McKinsey Digital over the summer. I worked on creating digital solutions for a major insurance company and collaborated with a cross-functional team in an agile environment. During the internship, I participated in solving complex design problems by organizing client/customer workshops, crafting user journeys and personas and creating high fidelity prototypes.

I can’t disclose any work or details, but I would love to talk about my experience.

Experience Design Intern
10 weeks
Worked as an Experience Design Intern at McKinsey Digital, New York


CMU Computer Science Academy is a project-based class led by Professor David Kosbie. We are working to create a new CS curriculum content and platform for 9th graders. We have partnered with 14 local school districts and will be piloting our first product in January.

Although this is a course, we are working like a start-up. We are constantly going through rapid cycles of prototyping, testing, iteration. I am currently leading the UX design for the IDE and the web student portal and creating all of the UI.

This project is still in progress.

Click here to see initial prototype created with Framer.


Currently, the most challenging part of this project is

1. Creating a tool that is easy and intuitive for a wide range of target user: high school students and teacher.
2. Designing for a wide range of screen resolutions(800×600 to 1920×1080) to ensure high quality of user experience.
3. Communicating with developers to make sure the actual product matches what was designed.

Current Stage

We have deployed our first prototype to teachers. Based on testing, we are working to refine upon it. At the same time, we are considering the teachers’ experience of teaching this curriculum and working to build the teacher portal as well. I am working as the UX designer/Teaching Assistant for next semester.

Work in Progress

UX/UI design, interaction design, user testingn
Currently in development
Carnegie Mellon University, Fall 2017